Sunday, November 27, 2005

60 Minutes Misses Again

It's amazing. Could someone buy the folks at 60 Minutes a calendar?

Every time they report on a story, they report it 10 or 20 years too late. Someone told them that the size of American homes is growing, which is definitely true; in fact, it's doubling, thanks to McMansions.

They're a blight or a blessing, depending on who you talk to, and they're a hot button issue. Fascinating. Timely. Perfect subject for a report.

So no wonder 60 Minutes got off that topic within about four minutes.

And instead got onto 70,000 foot monstrosities and seven-bathroom mansions and indoor volleyball courts and the kind of opulence that may have been newsworthy back when Robin Leach had a camera crew.

I mean, the 6o Minutes story actually had a flyover of the Aaron Spelling mansion. The Aaron Spelling mansion! When's the last time you saw that old chestnut? Isn't that house, like, a landmark by now?

What makes this even more unseemly is that these are exactly the kind of homes that Mike Wallace and Morley Safer, et al always seem to be photographed partying and vacationing in. And God only knows what kind of places they live in. So why criticize these houses? Because they're owned by strangers?

And on a side note, when... oh God when... WHEN will they, sobbing if need be, take Andy Rooney out behind the barn and let us hear that one, single crack of a rifle that lets us know that his -- and our -- misery has finally, mercifully, come to an end?

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