Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bad "Business"

So I'm blogging from the car (clogging?) while listening to KCRW's The Business, a show about the entertainment industry. It's a rare treat for there to be any serious, in-depth coverage of the industry, so I'm grateful for the show...

I just wish it didn't drip with contempt for the very industry it covers.

The show is constantly peppered with snide remarks and knowing winks about the greed or stupidity of those who work in show business. I know these people. They're mostly good, hard-working people. They're no worse than the people I used to work with in aerospace. Yet I never hear the aerospace industry covered with such disdain.

It gets wearying. A report on the Writers Computer Store in Westwood? The people who go there are losers. The reporters who cover red carpet premieres? Whores participating in a staged sham. (as opposed to the integrity of reporters covering the spontaneous wow-splosion that is a campaign photo op, I suppose)

And the only two filmmakers interviewed in the last month were Adam Goldberg and Craig Lucas, directors of two films (I Love Your Work and The Dying Gaul) which arguably shine a less-than-flattering light on showfolk.

And then, the report I just heard, about a service called Good In A Room that helps writers develop pitching skills. A writer, clearly shy, kindly consented to have his coaching session taped for the show. So what did they do? They followed it up by cruelly spoofing as cheesy the movie pitch he was honing. (And the pitch actually sounded interesting, at least to me)

It could be such a good show. Just get some producers in there who LIKE the subject.

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