Monday, November 21, 2005

Cranberries? No, Thanks!

The New York Times today has an article about the genesis of a new ad campaign from the Ocean Spray cranberry growers co-op. I don't know if you've seen these ads, showing two guys standing waist deep in a bog full of cranberries.

To quote the article, "The unspoken, implied message the actors deliver: Because cranberries come straight from the bog, they are fresh, natural, authentic, the real deal."

To the creative director of the campaign, it was about “being more true to the brand... There’s something unique about a bog, a sea of red berries."

To Ocean Spray's COO, it was about being "the only ones who can say ‘Straight from the bog.’ The image is that no one else can do what we do.”

For me it was about wanting to vomit the minute I saw the ad.

I thought cranberries grew on bushes or trees, like normal fruit!

Cranberries come from a bog??!

Are you shitting me??!

Like in standing water??! Like a swamp??! With leeches and mosquitoes and malaria and those squid from Invasion?!

And what's worse, these assholes just stand around in the bog, bullshitting?! In their hip waders? That they wore to walk through mud and dog shit and spat-out-chaw to get to the alien-squid-disease-infested bog??!

And you know if one of them has to fart or piss, he doesn't say, "Oh, excuse me, guys, I'm gonna have to knock off for a bit, I'll be right back." No way.

He does it right there, in the cranberries!!

Hey, I don't know about you, but that is not the wave I crave.

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