Saturday, November 12, 2005

Do Parents Not Hear Babies?

Seriously, when you have a baby, does an auditory switch shut off in your brain?

I am in a Starbucks now that is crawling with babies. And toddlers. And whatever comes between babies and toddlers.

And they are screaming.

No, make that screeching.

I'm not talking about the healthy gurgling and cooing of adorable children enjoying themselves. I'm talking about the paint-peeling, high-pitched yowling of children with soiled diapers and bad attitudes and God-knows-what-else... and meanwhile the parents are blissfully gobbling biscotti and making no move to calm them down.

I have actually put on headphones without listening to music, that's how bad it's gotten.

Society bends over backwards to avoid intruding on peoples' lungs (anti-smoking laws) and eyes (anti-smut laws) and assorted orifices (anti-rape laws)... Don't my ears deserve a litle protection from what offends them?


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Many restaurants in Chicago have implemented "Adults Only Areas", and placed signs in their establishments asking that kids use "indoor voices", or the family will risk being asked to leave. Hopefully that trend is moving West. If I have kids, I promise to the world I will never let them scream or cry in public (when it happens, I will remove myself and the child), and I will never let them run around unattended. Restaurants and coffee shops are NOT PLAY GROUNDS!!! Hey-that's a good name for a kid-friendly coffee place. "Play Grounds". Hee hee.