Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Flash Animation

One of the many reasons I love the show Call For Help is because of the new people and ideas I get exposed to. For example, it was on Call For Help that I first saw Mike Hogue and his clever flash-animated Jinx the Black Cat.

What makes Mike so great is that he generously draws back the curtain on his talent and shares the secrets of Flash in his Call for Help appearances. He truly inspires you and makes it look easy... even if you know deep down the amount of skill and talent he brings to breathing life into Jinx.

And I even just bought some suitable-for-framing Jinx for my wall, to keep the inspiration going even when my computer is off.

Anyway, do check out Jinx, and if your cable or satellite has G4 -- the awful channel that sprang up where TechTV used to be -- set your TiVo for Call For Help. I guarantee if you watch a couple of episodes you'll learn something that will make you smarter.

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