Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Horrible Problem

I am in Starbucks right now, supposedly working, but I am on the horns of a terrible dilemma. The guy in the chair next to mine left me watching his laptop, which is totally cool... I love the Sbux Code of Tech Honor, and I wish more people observed it.

Anyway, here is my problem. To my right is a hot girl who might be Morgan Webb, the Goddess of Gaming.. It probably isn't... but I can't be sure without really looking... and you know how there's a fine line between "really looking" and "staring"? I just know I'll be totally busted...

So don't look at her, right?

But in front of me to my left are FOUR, count 'em, four policemen.

Now maybe I'm the only one, and kids who are reading this, remember, the policeman is your pal, but...

I live in constant irrational fear that I will run afoul of John Law. Which is totally irrational, because I've never been in trouble with the law. So what am I so afraid of? But if I look at them, they will wonder why I'm looking at them and it will look suspicious...

And I can't just bury my nose in my laptop because that's not how I work. I've got to look up and daydream somewhere... and there's nowhere to look.

And I can't move because I'm watching this guy's laptop.

Now I'm peeking at Morgan... or the faux Morgan.

If she's not Morgan, she's a reasonable facsimile.

I have a feeling this will all end with her asking the police to arrest me for hassling her. So if this is my last post you'll know why.

Anyway, Morgan Webb, if you were in a Burbank Starbucks at 4:20 today and some guy was NOT staring at you, then staring at you, now you know why.

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