Sunday, November 13, 2005

I'm Going On Record: Please Don't Blow Up the Coit Tower

By now you've heard that loofah-loving jackass, pretend veteran and phony-Peabody
winner Bill O'Reilly feels that there is one city in America that Al Qaeda can go ahead and blow up: San Francisco. And one building in particular: the poor, defenseless Coit Tower, a memorial to firefighters. (Not the most strategic target in the world, but remember, Bill is only a pretend veteran.)

Can you imagine what would happen if, say, Al Franken were to go on the air and say that it was okay for Al Qaeda to attack Dallas, Texas? Can you imagine the outrage from the talking heads and the hundreds of hours Fox News would be devoting to his pillorying? And how many impassioned speeches there would be on the floor of the Senate, how many calls there would be for his imprisonment from conservative blogs?

Well, unfortunately, we don't control the government, business and the media. We're the reasonable majority, so apparently we don't count.

Still, if you'd like to make your voice heard, visit Daily Kos and join Operation Falafel, an email and letter-writing campaign directed against O'Reilly's sponsors. We're allowed to express our opinion, too, you know.

If you feel that
all of our cities are worth defending, even the ones Bill O'Reilly doesn't agree with, join Operation Falafel today.

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