Monday, November 07, 2005

"L.A. is where creativity goes to get Botox"

So says the blog buzzmachine, in what seems to be an attack out of nowhere... but since the author lives in New York City, he probably knows best. After all, people in L.A. are vain and untalented, whereas New Yorkers are justly celebrated and would never allow anyone to alter their appearance.

So I thought I might pay tribute to some of the talented, creative and naturally beautiful folks who live in New York City:

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Thomas said...

Funny, I am pretty sure Jeff lives in New Jersey, not NYC. Try again ;-)

Nomanisan said...

SO?? NJ? NYC? I used to live in NJ, its all the same area, media, commute, everything. Whatever,the original posts point is still spot on.

Anthony said...

Funny rebuttal post!

Though I still think LA is the botox capital of the world.

But boy, do celebrities seem to love the botox!

tony said...

that last image is just too scary to look at.

isnt halloween over?

Michael Markowitz said...

I agree, nomanisan!

anthony, I agree, Botox Bosux. But I would maintain it's easier to _become_ a celebrity for no reason in NYC than anyplace else, as some of these pictures prove.

tony, that would have been a great Halloween costume for five clever little girls.

Looking at that picture is like when they would have all the Batman villains in one episode... a real "rogues' gallery."