Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lizzie Grubman Took a Car...

I don't know about you, but I had never heard the words "Lizzie Grubman" until the unfortunately-faced PR whatever-she-is backed over 16 people with her SUV in 2001. And, frankly, I haven't heard a word about her again until now.

See, Land Rover introduced a new Sport SUV a few months ago. And guess who they hired to handle the East Coast PR for it.

Oh no, they di'n't. Oh, yeah, they did.

Lizzie Grubman.

Now, in fairness to Land Rover, when she slammed into those pedestrians she was driving a Mercedes SUV, not a Land Rover. See? It's a huge difference!

Yeah, you're probably right, they really should have slept on that hiring decision.

Anyhoo, bad press followed (surprise!) and now Natalie Bow has been fired (or a shot has been fired across Bow) as a result of this awful decision. (Read all about it in Inside Branded Entertainment)

I think it's astounding that anyone is still hiring someone who ran down 16 people to do anything in public relations.

But then again, someone is going to hire Michael Brown for disaster preparedness consulting, so what do I know?

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