Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Man With the Shortest Fuse in the World

Apparently, if you're in Des Moines, Iowa, and a man asks you, "What's up?" do not answer "What's up?" or you will find yourself asked, "What's up?" again!

And then... if you dare to answer "What's up?" back?

Well... you're just asking for trouble.

The scenario above may seem far-fetched. But it happened to an undercover police officer, and it was at that point that the man, Stewart Jenkins, launched the bon mot, "I'll show you what's up." (Ohhhhhh, that's never good.)

Then Jenkins went inside to get his .38. (Ohhhhhh, that's really never good.)

Of course (say it with me) Jenkin had outstanding warrants, and he was on parole, and it all added up to a really bad set of decisions on Stewart's part (allegedly). Oh, and a search of his house turned up a whole shitload of crack. Allegedly.

(P.S. Should Mr. Jenkins ever read this in prison, let me just say that I think he got a totally raw deal, and it was a set-up and this cop had it in for him. It's really unfair the way The Man sticks it to a guy just out trying to find out what's up.)

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