Thursday, November 03, 2005

My Answer to Moore's Law

I've come up with a bit of wisdom in response to people who ask me to help them pick out a computer.

Call it Mike's Law:

"The less you know about computing, the better and more
powerful a computer you should buy."

Of course this is within reason... We're not necessarily talking Voodoo or
Alienware here. (and I use both of those as examples of absolutely kick-ass PC's I'd be proud to mention here every day as being "kick-ass PC's" if it would get me free gear.)

But people who know nothing about computers tend to buy cheap, underpowered
computers full of no-name parts with bad warranties, when they're exactly
the kind of users who won't want to pop open the case and start swapping
out and modding and tinkering.

If you're a computer novice, buy the best computer you can afford.

Now then: Mac or Windows?

After fifteen years using Windows I am now firmly a Mac
user, and I would suggest the same for anyone who wants a hassle-free, safe
multimedia experience.

But here's the best answer. Find the person you know best who knows the
most about computers who likes you the most and lives closest to you... The
person who would always do you a favor if you asked. Ask that person what
he or she uses, because when you have problems, that's who you should call
to come over and help you.

And don't forget to take them out to a nice dinner every once in a while.
Your geek friends have to eat, too.

By the way, there is a companion rule to Mike's Law, and it's called Markowitz's Law: "The less someone knows about computers, and the more of your time they take in getting your advice on which computer to buy, the more likely it is they will then completely ignore that advice and buy the wrong computer anyway."

But that's a story for another day.

Meanwhile, did I mention that Alienware and Voodoo make kick-ass PC's?

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