Friday, November 04, 2005

New TiVo Feature: Overlap Protection

Or call it "Must-See TV Insurance." Anyway, if you don't already have it loaded to your TiVo, you will soon. It's called Overlap Protection, and here's how TiVo describes it.

New TiVo service feature!
Get 'em both with Overlap Protection: In the past, if two of your favorite shows overlapped by a minute or two, you could only record one or the other. Now, with Overlap Protection, your TiVo box can record both shows back-to-back by clipping just enough from the end of the first show or the beginning of the second show, based on which has the higher Season Pass priority in Season Pass Manager.

Sounds good to me. Another reason why every home should be TiVo'd, and why this company should me making a lot more money than it is.

Just make sure you go to Season Pass Manager and rank your priorities accordingly.

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