Thursday, November 17, 2005

Once Again, I Read an Article and End Up Feeling Not As Cool As The Writer

I've enjoyed reading Dana Stevens' Surfergirl column on in the past. So I'm reading her review of the new Sundance Channel series, Iconoclasts, wherein celebrities interview celebrities. And she's talking about the episode where Tom Ford, whom Dana describes as "former head of design for Gucci" is interviewing Jeff Koons, whom Dana describes as "the superstar artist who incorporates pop-culture detritus into monumental works that hover between beauty and kitsch."

Wow. I assume Dana also thinks Jeff is dreamy and has nice teeth.

I know nothing about art, monumental or otherwise. I only knew Jeff Koons as the guy who put basketballs in fish tanks and sold them for thousands of dollars. Well-played, Jeff.

Anyway, then I get to this paragraph in the review, and I'm left scratching my head, which does not like to be scratched:

"There's a Spinal Tap quality to Ford's unintentional naiveté, as he asks Koons questions straight out of a bull session between stoned college freshmen: "Is that vacuum cleaner a piece of art, or does the art come from the fact that you have put it in a work and called it art?" But his genuine curiosity about Koons' work is touching, as is the level of attention and detail both men bring to their craft."

First of all, I'm sure Tom is glad you liked his genuine curiosity, Dana, and after you check his spelling and penmanship he would like a cookie, too.

But the main thing I wonder is: Isn't that question exactly the question you'd like to ask Jeff Koons, or anyone who puts vacuum cleaners in galleries? I mean, I think it's an excellent question. I think it's just the right question, stoned or otherwise. I'd like to watch the show, to hear the answer!

So, sadly, once again, I am reading an article and I am left feeling [DEEP, BOOMING ANNOUNCER VOICE] "Not As Cool As The Writer"!!!!

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