Sunday, November 06, 2005

One Bad Apple

There's been a lot of stern grumbling not to call the 5G iPod the "Video iPod" -- apparently Steve Jobs wouldn't like that -- and to just call it the "iPod." Except if you want to ask a question specific to that model of iPod, you're pretty much screwed.

I recently went into a Southern California Apple Store and asked the otherwise very nice woman if they had any accessories yet for the 5G iPod.

You would think she would have been able to parse what I meant from the words "yet" and "iPod" but instead she chose to look at me with her head tilted and her lips pursed... as if I had asked her if it were possible to detach my head and use it as a third arm... as seconds ticked by... finally coming up with le mot juste: "Whaaaaa...?"


I said, "the Video iPod."

She said, "Ohhhhh! No."

Then, patronizingly, as if to a dull-witted chimp, "It just came out."

Now I should point out that cluelessness at an Apple Store is, in my experience, very rare indeed. But this was cluelessness nonetheless.

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