Sunday, November 20, 2005

Our President, Ladies and Gentlemen

True story:

Apparently the long trip to China made a reporter forget that Bush doesn't answer follow-up questions. So the reporter asked one. The President didn't want to answer.

Holding his breath until he turns blue not being an option (China being low-stocked on pretzels) the President chose an even more petulant means of avoiding doing something he didn't want to do:

He turned and headed for the nearest door.

Which was, unfortunately, locked.

Or, fortunately, I think... but that's only because it put me in mind of Captain Parmenter from F Troop.

After tugging on the door handles and wondering why they didn't work (insert your "Made in China" joke here), the Leader of the Free World was pointed to an open door, so he could relax and once again avoid speaking to anyone who challenges him.

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