Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Perfect Postcards for Lost Fans

Glarkware, the snarky retail sister site of my favorite TV site, TelevisionWithoutPity.com, has a series of Lost-themed postcards you can order now that will ship December 30th. For anyone who loves the show as much as I do (which is entirely too much) these postcards are perfect. There is also an awesome T-shirt depicting Sawyer's Frankenglasses. (though I should hasten to add that none of this merchandise is is licensed, and the site never claims otherwise.) Glarkware has an uncanny way with design... Check them out.

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Lisa said...

Damn you, Mike Markowitz!! This is one of the greatest blogs ever. You magically weave tech stuff with hot chicks, random thoughts and insider t.v. brilliance. I'm so into this blog and soon America will be, too. Why are you so damn witty??? Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world. You better not stop.