Monday, November 21, 2005

The Power Squid

As you might have guessed, I have a lot of stuff that plugs in. Jigawatts of stuff.

And I hate power strip surge protectors, because they're fugly, and those big-brick transformer plugs all bump into one another.

The best solution used to be the Power Strip Liberator from Cyberguys, essentially a 14-inch extension cord that gets the bricks out of the way. It's still handy to keep a few of these on hand for quick and dirty solutions. (They also come in Y-splitter... very useful.)

But then came the Power Squid


An inexpensive surge protector in an octopus shape, it's the answer to a tech-lover's prayers. I have them everywhere.

(One quibble: Though the manufacturer says they're available in all sorts of colors, I've only been able to find them online in utilitarian black-and-yellow. However, according to ExtremeTech, there's a schmancy version with new features coming in Q1 of 2006.)

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