Friday, November 11, 2005

Questions About Invasion

The blonde, alien-infected Mom? So let me get this straight: She divorced the hunkiest, do-goodiest guy in town and married the creepiest, most sinister guy in town... and we now know that he was already creepy and sinister back then?

And are these aliens infecting these people or replacing them? Like is that blonde Mom herself or is she not herself? And if she's been replaced -- like the little girl said in the pilot -- then why doesn't she know what's going on, but other replacees seem to know everything?

Why does only one of her children speak with a Hispanic accent?

Is this not the dirtiest town on TV? I mean, can we get these people some running water and some soap stat?

Who's dumber: the evil Air Force personnel who let a pregnant woman freely wander all over a Top Secret military facility to her heart's content, then let her drive off, then run her off the road, then let her run off and don't follow her at all? Or the evil government assassins on Surface who kill a scientist by hitting him with a car but he doesn't die -- not even close -- and then he goes to the hospital and he has visitors and he talks to them and he gives them clues and they go to the place he stored the stuff he told them about and no one follows them and then they go back to their house and see the assassins there ransacking the place so they run away but no one follows them at all?

And while we're on the subject of Surface, how transparently pander-y was it that Lake Bell was cleavage ahoy for most of the show? And what the hell kind of "scientist" puts the alien plant specimen on the rickety shelf in the fridge with the beer?! Is there a worse cliche than meeting the sinister conspiracy leader as he tends to his greenhouse?! And has any kid in the last forty years even heard the word "Nimrod"??? But I digress.

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