Sunday, November 20, 2005

Remember the Other Day When I Wrote How the Media Love to Needlessly Scare You With Far-Fetched Dangers They Pull Out of Their Asses?

Actual news promo on TV in Los Angeles tonight:

VO: Monday on the Channel 4 News at Eleven: Millions of us ride them every day.

shots of gashed legs

WOMAN #1: People said they heard me screaming all the way down

VO: Where you work, where you shop, where you live... But just how safe are they? And who's checking?

shots of gashed arms, gaping wounds

WOMAN #2: It was violent. It was very violent.

VO; Think it can't happen to you? Watch what happens when Joel Grover starts asking questions about elevator safety.

JOEL GROVER [to inspector evading him]: We are rolling now, and I'm telling you-- I'd like to finish this interview!

VO: Ride at your own... ELEVATED RISK. Monday only on the Channel 4 News at Eleven.


Immediately followed by a different promo:

ANCHOR: Is a perfect smile worth it? Cosmetic dentistry nightmares... at Eleven.

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Anonymous said...

So what did the story have to say?