Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This Could Make Even Shopping Fun

So I've told you before about Google's price comparison site, Froogle, which is my first stop for all my price comparison needs.

Well, as of today, looks like Froogle has added Froogle Local, for those who still like real-world shopping. Just put in the zip code where you're shopping, and what you'll be shopping for, and you get a list of stores and prices, along with a map with coded pushpins. That's going to be a huge timesaver for those crazy enough to be out shopping this weekend.

And for those of you even crazier -- in other words, those of you who are driving around trying to buy an Xbox 360 today -- check out the ingenious Best Buy Inventory Locator, a Google Map hack that lets you plug in your zip code and then shows you the nearest Best Buys and -- in theory -- how many Xbox 360's they've got in stock. I suspect the data is only as accurate as Best Buy's willingness to disclose their inventory, so I would take it with a shaker of salt. Still, it's cool and fun, and that's what we're all about here.

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