Saturday, November 12, 2005

"The Times They Are A-Changin'"

One of my comedy idols, Albert Brooks, has a column in this week's Newsweek on the Baby Boomers' preparing to turn (gasp!) 60 years old. Although, as he hastens to point out, he is 58. You can read it online here.


Max Koch said...

Michael... your Albert Brooks blog has brought me out of the closet and into your proverbial bedroom (late, late at night... 'gainst the natural light of the moon thru your b-room window). In other words, I've been reading your damn blog and enjoying it IMMENSELY for about 3 weeks now. So thanks a lot. Like I don't have OTHER things I'm trying to fucking do.

Thanks you, also, for the Brooks/Newsweek link. Here's seriously hoping (wig and botox injections he's had aside) his new one delivers the goods we know and, frankly, NEED.

Max Koch said...

"Thanks you"?