Saturday, November 19, 2005

Why George Clooney is The Man

"The arguments I've had with Bill [O'Reilly] have only helped Bill. He's only used them to further his own cause. He started the fight over the telethon, the September 11th telethon and then he went on The Today Show and Matt Lauer said, 'Why are you doing this?' and he said, 'Because I want to help Americans' and Matt Lauer said, "Well, but, would it not be disingenuous to also say that you also said you would only come on the show if we talked about your book?'

"The truth of the matter is Bill is a self-promoter. That's fine. Those guys have always existed.

"I, in some ways, shouldn't have taken some of the bait by fighting him. But it wasn't when he was attacking me, it's when he attacked the actors that I got to come to the telethon that I thought I owed them a good fight and...y'know, the problem is he went on the air the other day and, y'know, was angry at something I said which was factual.

"And he constantly says, y'know, that he is credited, and he credits himself for the telethon, and he said, 'I proved that those guys, that the money was going to the wrong place, and I made the Red Cross change their ways.' And he keeps saying, 'I made the Red Cross change their ways.'

"And again, I say to him, as thick-skulled as he is, we were not the Red Cross, we were the United Way.

"We were investigated. At the end of the investigation, Conress basically said, 'This is the way you should handle the distributing of the funds.' We did it as perfect a way as you could in that a quick a period of time. We're very proud of the way we did that."

-- George Clooney on Fresh Air With Terry Gross, October 18th, 2005

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