Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Woman Who Invented Stuffing

Ruth M. Siems, inventor of Stove Top Stuffing, died on November 13th, it was just announced. I know you think I'm going to make a snarky joke, but I won't, because I love stuffing, and I am very grateful for Ms. Siems' innovation and creativity.


Max Koch said...

Thank you SO MUCH for bring this to my attention. I had no idea.

Ruth's timing was TERRIBLE. She should have AT LEAST have gotten one more Thanksgiving holiday out of the whole "life" deal. The poor dear invented STOVE TOP STUFFING, for the love-- It's just not fair.

I grew up on the stuff. I'll never forget it. And when my mom or grandma would try to re-create it, it just sucked.

Michael Markowitz said...

It is truly amazing that she allowed us to make this remarkable dish without having to deal with concepts like "cavities" and "sacks" and other appetite-killers. Plus, I remember when Stove Top came out with the one-dish directions... Oh, man! Was that heaven!