Monday, November 07, 2005

A World I'll Never Understand

So a few weeks or so ago, I heard two words I hadn't heard since, oh, I don't know, maybe the mid-90's:

"Kate Moss."

I literally had not heard or read those words in at least ten years. Nor had I even wondered why. She simply vanished from my mind. And, I foolishly assumed, from everyone else's.

Then a few weeks ago there was apparently some big controversy because people were shocked... shocked!... to discover that this 63-pound woman was allegedly using cocaine. I was shocked that she had any money left to buy cocaine, since as far as I knew she hadn't worked in a decade, and had been reduced to fishing cigarettes and endive out of dumpsters.

Then the "controversy" (such as it was) died down and I figured that was that.

Now she's on the cover of Vanity Fair. Yes, that's right, Vanity Fair. With the headline, "Can She Come Back?" From what?? To what??

I mean it's possible that she has been the highly-paid face of, I don't know, Coach or Femme or Le Bla du Bla or something else I don't care about, and I'm just showing how little I know, but still! Is this really the biggest celebrity story VF could come up with? Is this a topic of conversation anywhere?

When Vanity Fair's editor got raked over the coals by Jon Stewart at a panel discussion for putting Paris Hilton on the cover in her nineteenth minute, didn't it sink in at all?

Or maybe the world that the Vanity Fair editors live in is just a world I'll never understand.

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