Monday, November 14, 2005

Would You Eat Skippy?

The Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia, the organization that markets Australian kangaroo meat, has a hot product. They sell a lot of it overseas, but can't seem to sell Australians on eating kangaroo, probably because it happens to be their national symbol. It would be us like going to Fuddrucker's for a plate of Bald Eagle. (Which is probably Dick Cheney's absolute favorite thing to do, come to think of it.)

So they think a name change might be in order. See, kangaroo meat is called "kangaroo"... whereas "cow" is called "beef" and "pig" is called "pork" and "philberts" are called "hazelnuts" and so forth.

So the Australians are launching a contest to find a new name for kangaroo meat. Read more about it here, and help them if you like.

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