Thursday, November 24, 2005

You Can Make a Holiday Miracle

If you get time somewhere between the turkey and the shopping, you can literally find time to make a miracle happen: you can donate blood.

I know, it sounds sappy -- and we'll get back to the gadgets and girls soon, I promise -- but it really is true: it takes so little time, no effort, and it literally saves lives.

I was just told that at Cedars- Sinai here in Los Angeles (as at many facilities) there is a desperate need for blood. When a crisis happens, it's too late; the blood needs to be in reserve in advance; unfortunately, the blood "spoils" after 42 days so there's a constant need for new supplies.

Sadly, in Southern California, where usage is high, only 2% of the population donates blood. (The national average is 5%... not exactly bragging rights.) Meanwhile, 90% of us will need a transfusion in our lifetime. Let's hope it's there. And no, there is no "synthetic" substitute for human blood. Ask Spike.

If you can, please donate blood, and do it now, don't put it off.

If you live in the L.A. area, Cedars is in dire need, and they could really use your help on Friday, Saturday, or any day next week that's convenient for you. It takes no time at all, and your smug feeling of having done a good deed will last for days.

Call 310-423-2637 or 310-423-5346 to make an appointment or go to for more info.

They even give you juice and cookies. I mean, come on... juice and cookies!

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