Monday, November 14, 2005

"You're Gagged!"

As noted here and elsewhere, Markus Garrison, fired Apprentice contestant and all-around blabbermouth, has been telling anyone who'll listen that he was portrayed via bogus editing as a... well, asn all-around blabbermouth. Apparently, hideous-event-planner Jennifer Wallen's been complaining, too.

Well, no more.

Lloyd Grove of the NY Daily News reports that all eighteen of the show's current cast have been sent cease & desist & shut-up letters by lawyers representing Mark Burnett Productions and NBC. Reminded of the hefty financial penalties (over 5 million dollars) that await them if they don't zip it, one presumes they will oblige.

Although, it's pretty much 3-to-1 Markus is genetically incapable of shutting up, even for 5 million dollars.

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Max Koch said...

Oh, Markus!