Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Am I Missing Something?

Why is the guy in the Taco Bell ads doing an interpretive dance about his burrito?

Did no one at
The Book of Daniel notice that their "I get visits from Jesus" gimmick was on Rescue Me all season?

In those Time magazine print ads, where they show you a Time cover, and then they show you that it is only one small piece of a larger picture that you would never have known if you had only looked at the Time cover... Isn't that, like, something you should see in a Newsweek ad?

I'm still wondering: In the Tic-Tac commercial below, is the point that the guy thinks this woman gives amazing blow jobs? And that, frankly, that suits her just fine?

1 comment:

Boski93 said...

I think I can sum up that Taco Bell ad, "not so zesty."