Thursday, December 15, 2005

Apprentice Finale (Semi-Spoiler)

What the winner did in the last seconds of the show was so historic and heroic in this namby-pamby age of everyone-gets-a-trophy soccer leagues that this person is even more my hero than he/she was going into the evening. I agreed with what was said 100% and I loved that the person said it instead of pandering. Fantastic ending.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree 100%. It makes me mad that people are complaining about this. Randal was by far more qualified. If any people were to share the title, it would have to be Kwame and Bill from season 1. Do people ask Miss America or Miss Universe to share their crowns? I think not.

Michael Markowitz said...

People are COMPLAINING?? Wow... Amazing... Not only did Randal have the better record all season, and not only did he not sacrifice his integrity to passionately defend the worst player in Apprentice history the way Rebecca did, but when it came right down to it HE WON THE LAST CHALLENGE 11,000 to ZERO!

You're absolutely right, Kwame and Bill were a much closer call. This was no contest. She was given a fundraiser and raised no funds. Yet when she was asked why she was better than Randal she said "Because I focus on the big picture." The big picture was FUNDRAISING"