Friday, December 30, 2005

Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben

Far be it from me to condemn a show without seeing it, but I'm not getting a good feeling about Four Kings... and not just because I think it stars that guy I hated from Committed.

I mean, I really want to like it. Really want to like it. Because I love Seth Green. And also because I would really like something new and funny to watch.

But it's always a bad sign when the one clip they show over and over gives every punch line ("Ben...Ben... Ben...Ben Ben Ben Ben") to a day player. Couldn't they find one joke told by one of the four kings to put in a promo?

I admit it: NBC has spent a fortune and it worked. I love this woman. She's hilarious. Who is she? When does her show come on? Can Seth Green co-star with her? They work well together. That seems to be the show they're selling, and I'd watch that show every week.

Of course, if I'm wrong and Four Kings is hilarious I will definitely be happy to admit it.

But they still should have put Scrubs on Thursday.

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