Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Blog Moral Dilemma

So I wrote a scathing post for the blog about something people do that I
hate... But before I could post it, coincidentally someone I know DID it on
his/her blog!

So I spiked the post, rather than appear to be slamming this person, even
though I legitimately DID write my post without having seen this other
post... And even though this thing this person did really DOES irritate me.

Oh well...

Anyway, I wonder if anyone reading this is a blogger who's run into a
similar situation, on either side, and how you've handled it?

1 comment:

peeky said...

i didn't have something exactly like that, but i would handle it the same way you did, i.e., not post it. is it that important? probably not. xo, peeky van buren