Saturday, December 03, 2005

A Classic Exchange

Okay, so remember I told you about that NPR radio host who has a show about the entertainment industry but hates the entertainment industry?

What I didn't tell you is that he is spectacularly, aggressively unfunny. I mean, powerful unfunny.

And he thinks he's hilarious.

His show even has a sort of opening monologue, which I imagine sounds like Conan to him, but makes me want to drive off a cliff until I can fast-forward through it.
(Actual joke from last week's show, regarding the BitTorrent deal: "It may be a little BitTorrent too little, a little BitTorrent too late." Ow! My sides!)

Not only that, he makes these odd, arcane references that only make sense to him, and he's not afraid to interrupt to do it. In the last few weeks, for example, he stopped a guest cold with a reference to Philip Morris that the guest had to ask him to explain -- that was good radio -- and he made a joke about Dale Carnegie. Dale Carnegie?? What year is it where he is?

But this week was a tiny little payback, and it was awesome. A discussion of the Xbox 360 (with, of course, the angle of "The Industry is Terrified") with a gaming expert had turned to the anti-modification precautions Microsoft has taken:

GUEST: The Xbox 360, one of the unsung features about it, is not only is the box shut up as tightly as Fort Knox -- because you don't see any screw holes on the Xbox 360, you've got to get a bunch of specialty screwdrivers from RadioShack and some little pieces of metal and plastic to jimmy the thing open -- Then once you get in there it's not just off-the-shelf PC parts like they built the last one out of, it's all proprietary chips and things like that, so they took massive steps to prevent against piracy and--

HOST: [bemused] Sort of a Pandora's Xbox 360

GUEST: Basically [nervous chuckle, long silence]...right [nervous chuckle, long silence]... but... uh, okay... if you say so, it's your show...

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