Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Difference Between a Great Gift and an Awesome Gift

There's a great way to give someone an iPod as a Christmas present, and a awesome way. (I used to think there was no bad way to give someone an iPod, until I saw last night's hilarious episode of The Office.)

Giving someone an iPod is a great gift, but giving someone an iPod with their CD's already loaded onto it is an awesome gift.

You can not only load all their CD's onto it, you can already have it loaded up with playlists with special meaning for the two of you: Friendship Songs, Vacation Songs, Romantic Songs, Weekend Songs, Songs About Your Kids, etc. (Am I sweet or what?!)

If you're far too busy or selfish for that kind of thoughtfulness, I even have you covered there: LoadPod will do the CD part for you. They'll pick up your iPod and your CD collection, marry them in digital bliss (even providing cover art), and get the whole shmear back to you within five days. They even provide training if you like, and gift certificates are available.

The sentiment is still up to you.

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