Friday, December 23, 2005

The Double Feature Finder

First let me say I would never, ever advocate sneaking into the movies.

I personally never do it... Not because I'm such an angel, but because with my luck I'd be made an example of by some usher and dragged out of the theatre in legirons, tried and thrown in prison, where I'd be ass-raped repeatedly, then brutally and viciously ass-raped when my cellmates find out I was sneaking into The Family Stone.

Still, I present this link not for scofflawery, but for those of you interested in clever web ideas: It's the Double Feature Finder (via Digg). Just plug in your zip code, then click on the theatre you want to go to and the movie you want to see, and bingo bango, there are the movies that will end before or begin after your movie. (Just as a matter of interest, I repeat.)

By the way, I think the statute of limitations has run out so I can now admit that when I was a kid in Merrick, NY, I actually snuck into a couple of American International double features by walking in backwards as people were walking out. (Yeah, believe it or not, that used to work.)

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