Monday, December 12, 2005

Ever Wonder What This Thing Is?

You've probably seen it dozens of times on the shipping labels on your packages, but never thought much about what exactly it is.

It's called a QR Code. It's a matrix code (whoa), which is like a bar code, but with way more information stored in it. In Japan, marketers have been putting them in the corners of posters and ads for years. Point your QR-enabled cell phone at the code, take a picture, and your phone scans the data and sends you to a website for an offer or coupon or sweepstakes or whatever.

Well, Adrants reports that QR is coming to the USA, under the name Semacode. So if you see these things popping up in the corners of ads, try taking a picture. Couldn't hurt.

And in the meantime, now that we've solved that shipping mystery, I'll leave some of you to wonder how is it you've never noticed the arrow in the FedEx logo.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I've never noticed that arrow!

Michael Markowitz said...

That's what everyone says! That's what I said! But it's always been there. (I LOVE stuff like that)