Saturday, December 03, 2005

A Great Resource For Picking Your Holiday Gifts

Checking out my TiVo "Showcase" menu -- as I do too infrequently -- I discovered they have added cnet programming for the holiday season. Just select it and you get free informational specials on picking the right MP3 player, digital camera, HDTV and so on.

cnet's website has long been my favorite tech information, how-to and review site. (And I miss their old TV shows.) This is a great chance to learn about high-tech devices and make informed decisions about picking the right ones for your holiday gifts...and avoiding lemons.

By the way, the cnet site also has amazing how-to videos called Weekend Projects that take you step-by-step through dozens of the things you might've always wanted to do: extend your wi-fi range, make better baby videos, transfer your VHS tapes to DVD, get free HDTV with an outdoor antenna, degrunge your computer, and so many more.

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