Thursday, December 01, 2005

How Do You Get Rid of a CD or DVD?

So you've been a good little boy or girl and you back up your system to CD's or DVD's every week or month or so. But now you've got a new set of backups... So what do you do with the old set? Throw them away? But your personal data is on there. Your Quicken records... your vacation photos... those Cabo videos of you and your girlfriend...

Or you've been sent one of those "For Your Consideration" DVD's, and it's stamped with stern warnings that each DVD is marked with indelible tracer nanobots with your Social Security number on them and if even
one of those nanobots shows up on the streets of Hong Kong, oh brother, you are going to end up face down on your bunk in Em City.

In both those scenarios, you are faced with a dilemma: how do you get rid of a CD or DVD? Really get rid of it, so you know it's gone, and you can sleep at night, knowing that the movie screener you're responsible for or the Cabo videos don't end up in the wrong hands?

The answer is a CD/DVD shredder, and not those awful ones you see at office supply stores that literally
shred your discs, turning them into deadly splinters of sight-endangering doom. The one I use and like (I'm sure there are others) is the Aleratec 240114 DVD/CD Shredder

Rather than chop up the disc, the Alera neatly etches a cool waffle pattern on the surface. The disc is utterly useless, your data is gone, and your skeletons remain in the closet.

Of course, if you have secrets that are so highly sensitive that foreign governments would marshall all their most advanced technologies to crack them, then no, you're better off with the deadly shard system.

But for you and I this is more than enough peace of mind. Plus it's just really satisfying to feed the discs in, knowing you're wiping out your past mistakes.

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