Tuesday, December 27, 2005

How Nothing Becomes Something in the Internet Echo Chamber

"Everybody knows there's no Santa Claus."
-- Drew, on the Dec. 15th Everybody Hates Chris

"Parents with young children who happened to watch Everybody Hates Chris in the past week had some explaining to do when the character of Rock's brother suddenly told his younger sister that Santa doesn't exist... A blindsided UPN received 'a handful' of complaints about the Santa expose..."
-- AP story, Dec. 22nd

"EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS FOR RUINING CHRISTMAS... It’s one of the workplace hazards of being a sitcom writer: one second, it’s killing in the room, next thing you know you’re hearing the deafening, tearful screams of a generation of children who have just had their childhoods yanked out from under them in the name of some cheap sitcom laughs."
-- Defamer item, based only on the AP story and some imaginary screams, Dec. 22nd

"The network was flooded with letters from irate parents after the latest episode of Everybody Hates Chris."
--HipHopDX.com, Dec. 26th

"Rock Ruins Christmas: Chris Rock has spoiled Christmas for thousands of US youngsters by revealing that Santa Claus doesn't exist."
-- Talking Pish, Dec. 27th, which then linked to a CNN story, which was simply a reprint of the same AP story Defamer linked to (the "handful of letters" one)

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