Sunday, December 11, 2005

I Have 20/20 Vision

Now, I'm not telling you this to brag. I can't brag anyway: since I had lasik in 1999, my eyes are surgically-enhanced. My eyes are like Pamela Anderson's breasts. Only no one fantasizes about touching my eyes. Or if they do, please don't tell me.

But anyway, I'm telling you about how good my eyesight is because I have trouble making out those "Word Verification" characters you have to type before you can leave a comment on someone's blog. It sometimes takes me two or three tries. I mean, is that a "1" or an "L"... a "7" or a "2" or a "5"...? Or a "Z"?

So imagine how hard it is, say, for a blind person. It really doesn't seem fair that a blind person can't ever leave a comment on this blog. I mean, the sight-challenged should have the same right to tell me I'm fascinating as anyone else.

Some sites, I know, have audio options, where you click to have someone read you the letters. (I confess, I use those, despite my bionic eyes.) It's such a simple courtesy to the disabled to have that feature. Why doesn't

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