Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I'd Hop On Back To the Drawing Board

Remember when I posted that they were looking for a new, more appealing name for kangaroo meat, because a lot of Australians were reluctant to eat something called "kangaroo meat"?

If you don't, and you don't feel like clicking, the problem was that the kangaroo is so, well, lovable. Especially when it wears sunglasses and a Brooklyn sweatshirt, like in Kangaroo Jack.

Well, after months of searching and 3,000 entries they have found their new name for kangaroo meat, to take its place among "beef" and "pork" and "veal":

"Australus." Yes, that's right: "Australus."

Yeah... It sucks, I know.

And even stranger, it sucks clockwise up here, and counter-clockwise down there.

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