Wednesday, December 28, 2005

If You're Going Through Gervais Withdrawal

He has a weekly podcast (available on iTunes and at its own website) and his own site,, which is
full of hilarious stuff, including a very funny video of Ricky and John Cleese swapping awards, Ricky interviewing Chris Martin, and preliminary sketches from the upcoming Simpsons episode he wrote and guest-stars in.


Sydelle Pearl said...

I will check it out if and when I recover from the alarming amount of Bob Kelly® greasestick he's wearing.

Michael Markowitz said...

LOL... That is deliberate, of course. It's a photoshoot parodying American politicians. Check out what he's written on the little boy's autograph (click on it to magnify)

sydelle pearl said...

I saw that! (and loved it!)