Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Images of 2005

Throughout the rest of 2005, from time to time, images will appear here to celebrate what was one amazing year. (And also so I don't have to write stuff.)

It's impossible to choose a man of the year, but a strong candidate would have to be R. Kelly. There was a mystery going on and he was going to solve it.

On March 11th, a 15-year-old cancer survivor testified at the Michael Jackson trial "I was under the covers, and that is when he put his hand down my pants and started masturbating me." That same day, Michael Jackson showed up late for court in pajama buttoms with an umbrella over his head. Which story of the day do you remember? The man is a genius.

Kimberly White / Getty Images-Pool

And let us not forget February, and the sight of our Vice President at a memorial ceremony at Auschwitz. You'll note all the other heads of state are wearing overcoats, but ours is wearing a "Staff 2001" ski cap and a parka... without even bothering to tear off the lift ticket. At Auschwitz. Fuck you, too, Dick.

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