Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's Going To Sound Like I'm Being a Smart-Ass But I'm Not

Bush says we can get out of Iraq when the Iraqis are trained to defend Iraq themselves.

Umm, so here's my question, and I'm really asking: how long does that take?

The American men and women defending Iraq now were trained in, like, a month or two, right?

I'm honestly asking: Correct me if I'm wrong, but our troops were at the mall, or snowboarding, or working to support their families, and then they went for several weeks of basic training, and then, bing bang boom, they went to defend Iraq.

No timetable. No debate. They were considered "ready to stand up."

It's been years we've been training these Iraqis. WTF??? I refuse to believe Americans are smarter than Iraqis, so I can only believe that either the Iraqis are not, as my teachers used to say, "applying themselves" or we're not getting the whole story.

I mean, am I missing something? Fer Chrissake, put these Iraqis through the Stripes/G.I. Jane thing, let them climb a wall and crawl under some live ammo for a few weeks, suit 'em up, give 'em rifles and let's go!

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