Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Kathy Griffin Out at E!

Defamer links to the New York Post's interview with Kathy Griffin about her lump of coal from E! telling her she won't be a red carpet presence for them anymore. Defamer also suggests that Ryan Seacrest's new deal with E! might mean that he'll be filling the space vacated by Star Jones. (Of course, the remainder of the space vacated by Star Jones will later be filled by an Arby's.)

Sometimes E! seems bound and determined to suck, so it does no good to be angry about the way they treated Kathy. I will instead focus on the good news: big stupid Star Jones is out of a job.


peeky said...

No matter how much weight she "loses" from her mysterious "diet," about which no one may know the details, to me Star Jones will always be big and fat and married to a nelly kween. Happy holidays!

Michael Markowitz said...

What's most hilarious about Star Jones (other than the fact that she's married to a big nelly kween) is that no matter what she weighs she's an imbecile.

Look at her sometime when she's not aware she's on camera. She's staring at the action, trying to figure out what's going on, mouth hanging open, like some enormous ruminant but with presumably a worse smell.

And then her eyes creep down to the index card in front of her, on which someone has written a single-syllable instruction for her -- probably coated in sugar water to draw her attention -- and she comes alive again. And by "comes alive" I mean "says something stupid."