Friday, December 09, 2005

Max Your TiVo... Or Have An Expert Do It For You

Continuing my quest to help you make it a merry, techy Christmas:

One of the greatest resources out there is

If you don't know about Weaknees, and you love your TiVo, you're in for a treat. What they do is install new, gigantic hard drives in your TiVo so you can go from having 40 or 60 hours to having 700 or 900 hours!

It's insane. And I love it. I've done one level of Weaknees'ing or another to all my TiVos.

You can buy your TiVo from Weaknees already upgraded, you can buy an upgrade kit, or you can arrange to ship your present unit to them for upgrading. They treat it with TLC, and they send you constant updates on the process right up to when they rush it back to you, all souped up. Outstanding customer service; I can't rave about them enough.

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