Monday, December 05, 2005

Most Offensive Oprah Ever

They're repeating it today: the Oprah that, I think, is the most offensive one she's ever done.

It's the one where she reveals her "Wildest Dream"... that "Legends Weekend" she threw to honor African-American women who blazed trails, led the way and made history. Some of the greatest figures in history were there, along with celebrated entertainers.

And all were used as human props to the glory of Oprah.

From the ball where they had to dress in black and white (except Oprah, of course, who wore red)... the commemorative photograph that took hours to pose and shoot, in front of Oprah's mansion, Promised Land, all around Oprah, celebrating Oprah, praising Oprah...

Anyway, catch it today if you like. It's vomitatious.

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