Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Most Specific Manufactured Item Ever

So today I actually went to two different Starbucks... that's right, a big day for me.

At one of them, I noticed the barrista was wearing a black wool cuff on one arm -- between the elbow and wrist -- with the Starbucks logo on it. Since I suffer from a bit of carpal tunnel, I asked her if that was what it was for; I figured all that barrista-ing probably took its toll.

She answered that, no, it was to cover her tattoos. I was surprised. She said they freak some people out. I replied that unless she had a tattoo of me under there, I was not going to be freaked out, and I didn't understand why others would be. (I mean, addicted to piercings is one thing, but some ink?)

But even moreso, I was fascinated that there existed an actual item just for that purpose. She said she was surprised they had something like that, too. But she was really cool about it, and completely okay with wearing it, even though she admitted it kinda itched and hurt sometimes.

Who would design such a thing? Who would walk into Starbucks head office and say, "I have just the thing your employees need!"

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Ken Levine said...

What if she had a tattoo of the Starbucks logo????