Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Remember when I wondered how NBC would handle the spicier ingredients of Elton John's Red Piano concert in preparing their telecast?

Well, when it came to Pamela Anderson, it turned out they cut her out at the last minute.

NBC promoted Pam's appearance, and according to the AP they sent the special to critics with the number intact. But at the last minute they took one last look and, well, snip.

Probably for the best. Sixty of Brent Bozell's assholes might have written an email about it. Can't have that.

Besides, a show airing at 8:00 should be family friendly. And a sexy woman dancing would detract from the inherent family-friendliness of a show peppered with promos for The Four Kings and The Book of Daniel... Now those were family friendly, right?

Look, let's face it, do the math: Elton John + Vegas + Pamela Anderson + Justin Timberlake + Easily Offended = DON'T FUCKING WATCH!

For the rest of us, click on the pictures if you'd like to watch a clip of the offending number, courtesy of (not work safe).

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