Thursday, December 08, 2005

Our Top Story: It's Cold. In the East. In December.

Seriously, that was the top story this morning on The Today Show. I would watch any morning show that would make a pact to never, ever cover another non-catastrophic weather story. That's what those five minutes every half hour of local news should be for.

"Cold in New York in December" is no more a news story than "Local Dog Likes to Eat Meat" or "Dropped Object Falls Downward." And it certainly doesn't merit deploying a batch of corrrespondents in heavy gear to various cold places to tell us how cold it is. It's cold. I get it. It's December.

Besides, I frankly don't give a shit if people in New York had to scrape their windshields. I've been watching tape of people in New York scraping their windshields every December for twenty-some-odd years. If they don't want to scrape their windshields in December they should move to Hawaii. Or stop bitching about it.

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