Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Perfect iPod Case

When it comes to iPod cases, I sound like a gypsy in a Richard Bachman novel: "Thinner!"

Well, I've found the ultimate case: It's called The Invisible Shield, and it's transparent and only .008 inches thick. It's a clear adhesive skin originally designed to protect helicopter blades, and it's amazingly strong and truly invisible.

You obviously have to apply it with care, but you can lift and reapply if you make a mistake. I managed to get it installed without any air bubbles in less than fifteen minutes (you then let it set and shrink-to-fit for 24 hours).

When you're done, you have the perfect case: one that protects your iPod without hiding its beauty or adding to its bulk.


Sydelle Pearl said...

I believe you that it's really the best cover, but their website couldn't look more spammy and schlocky. It's a major turnoff. Hi!

Michael Markowitz said...

Sydelle, I hear you about the site design, it is definitely Mayor McCheese... but I chalk that up to these guys being the kind of guys who design invisible covers for helicopter blades... they may not have the aesthetics down quite yet.

But check out this video:

It's pretty cool.